Black seed oil or black cumin oil comes in three varieties, i.e. original, mild, and strong. These variations are the result of the black seed oil quality and level of compression used to extract the oil. The more the seeds are compressed, the stronger the oil. You should, therefore, limit your dosage according to your specific needs and keep in mind the extent to which your body is able to utilize the various properties found in kalonji.

What is the dosage of Black Seed / Kalonji Oil?

If you are a first-time user or have a sensitive body system or skin type, it is best recommended that you first try the original or mild oil and avoid the stronger version. Nigella sativa, the plant which produces black seeds, has powerful detoxing and antimicrobial properties. It thus eradicates pathogens in great numbers. This means that, even if you consider yourself healthy with a strong immune system and feel you would rather try the stronger black seed oil, please make sure you do not overdo things.

MILD Black Seed Oil – 100ml

People who have medical issues, or who tend to have a weaker immune system or allergies may find the sudden detox taking a toll on their body. If this is the case, cut back on your black cumin oil intake, drink lots of water, take salt baths, do some light exercise, and rest. Do not overstrain yourself or exhaust yourself.

With regards to dosage, startoff with half a teaspoon once a day for two to seven days of the original or mild quality. Once your body starts adapting, you can increase the dosage to half a teaspoon twice daily up to seven days. You can then slowly build up your intake to three teaspoons per day.

Your body takes times to detox and flush out toxins. Speeding up the process may see your body react adversely. The dosage for children under eleven years of age should be half that of adults. A few drops of oil should suffice for infants of five years and younger. It is, however, best to avoid use at an early age unless specifically prescribed. If you intend taking the oil for a specific medical condition, please first consult a qualified healthcare practitioner as to dosage and quality of oil needed. Failure to do so could have potential negative side effects.
MILD Black Seed Oil Capsules – 60 x 500mg

Many people do not like the taste of kalonji oil. The alternative is black seed capsules that are a little more expensive. These capsules are the capsulated form of black seed oil. Six capsules are the equivalent of one teaspoon of black cumin oil. You could start with one or two capsules a day for three days. If you notice that your body accepts these capsules, you can consider increasing your dosage to three capsules a day. You can up your dosage to four capsules after a week, and then again up to six capsules per day, i.e. two capsules three times a day.