How to consume Black seeds?
Black seeds can be eaten raw or by mixing it with other foods like yogurt and honey. Many people use it to pickle fruits and in curries. Most of the time, however, people consume it in oil form or in capsule form. Many beauty companies use black seeds in their products as it promotes healthy, glowing skin.
What kind of Black Seed Oil should I buy?
Black seed oil comes in three strengths. If you are completely new to the concept of black seed oil, we suggest you start off with the mild black seed oil. Once your body adapts, you could consider switching to organic black seed oil. Our third oil, i.e. the strong black seed oil, is very strong and commonly used to address specific conditions. We would advise you to use this oil according to a health care practitioner’s recommendation.
How does the Black Seed Oil smell and taste?
Black seed oil has a very pungent smell while the taste varies from one oil to another. It has a slightly bitter aftertaste that lasts a while after you have consumed it. If you are not comfortable with the aftertaste, you could switch to the capsules that have no such smell or taste.
What dose of Black Seed Oil should I take?
When starting out, the recommended daily dose is half a teaspoon once daily for between two to seven days for the two milder versions of the oil. Once your body has adapted to this dosage, you can increase it to half a teaspoon twice daily, again for between two to seven days. From then onwards you can slowly start building up your dosage to three teaspoons a day. The dosage for children younger than eleven years of age should be half that of adults, while the dosage for infants under five should only be a few drops per day.
What are the benefits of Black Seed Oil?
Black seed oil strengthens your immune system, allowing it to fight off foreign pathogens, support organ function, and address various health conditions. Black Seed / Kalonji are also beneficial with regards to increasing skin health while improving the quality and texture of your hair.
What are the side-effects of Black Seed Oil?
Overconsumption may result in a number of side effects. Amongst these are included blood clotting, lower blood sugar levels, reduced blood pressure, and dry, itchy skin.
How to store Black Seed Oil?
Black seed oil should be stored in a cool, dry place. A fridge is a good option. It needs to be kept out of the sun or any warm area otherwise the quality of the oil becomes compromised. If the oil stars smelling rancid, please dispose of it as it is then no longer fit for human consumption. Please do not use this oil under any circumstances as there may be a number of unwanted side effects.