What is Black Seed / Kalonji known as in different parts of the world?

Black seeds originate from the fruits of the Nigella sativa plant. The history of the plant can be traced back for over 4000 years. The plant is even referenced in the Old Testament.

Black seeds have become known the world over, being cultivated in different countries under different names. Every so often, people may be referring to Nigella sativa without even realizing they are referring to the same thing.

Alternative names for Black Seeds

  • In English, it is known as black cumin or black caraway.
  • In the United States, the plant is referred by many names, including fennel flower, nutmeg flower, onion seed, and gith.
  • In India and many other South Asian countries, it has been referred to as kalonji since time immemorial. Many people in other countries also refer to it by this name.
  • The French call black seeds Cheveux de Vénus, Nigelle or Poivrette.
  • The Germans call it as Zwiebelsame, Nigella, and Schwarzkümmel.
  • In the Turkish language, it is often referred to as Çörek out or Çöreotu.
  • In Finnish, it is called mustasiemen
  • The Italians refer to it asnamegranineri or black grains.
  • In Chinese, it is called eitherheizhongcao or black plant seeds.
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While black seeds have different names in different cultures, the term ‘black’ seems to be a common element within these names due to the color of the seeds. To know more about black seeds, click here