Does Black Seed / Kalonji Oil cure diabetes?

Here are a few benefits which make it a suitable candidate:

Thymoquinone, an active compound in black seed / kalonji oil, exhibits many antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, proving extremely substantial in treating many diseases. The cold-pressed oil form of the seeds is also known to have amino acids like palmitic, stearic, etc., which play a significant role in alleviating average HbA1C levels.

Hypoglycemia causes auto-oxidation of glucose and oxidative stress in the body, the presence of antioxidants such as N-acetylcysteine, vitamin C and α-lipoic acid in black seed / kalonji oil is beneficial for controlling the same.

MILD Black Seed Oil – 1 Litre

One of the known causes of hypoglycemia is inflammation in the pancreas (where insulin is produced). The anti-inflammatory properties portrayed by black seed kalonji oil can considerably reduce this inflammation in turn regulating the blood sugar levels.

ORIGINAL Black Seed Oil – 500 ml

Being a rich source of potassium, in which most diabetics are deficient, further reinforces its usage in maintaining blood sugar. Research has also shown that black seed / kalonji oil is rich in many vitamins and minerals which further enhance the overall well-being of a diabetic patient.

Black seed kalonji oil helps in many ways in leading the body towards normoglycemia. It not only improves glycaemia but also has a significant upside in treating complications caused by it. Black seed oil which is rich in many potent compounds possesses a positive potential in the treatment of many health conditions and allaying complications.

Even though research has shown positive results for its usage for diabetes, large-scale clinical trials on humans are still underway to fully understand its safety, dosage, and drug development.
If you are considering this option for maintaining your blood sugar levels do consult your healthcare provider about its efficacy and effects that may be if taken as an adjuvant to your oral antibiotic drugs.