Does Black Seed / Kalonji Oil cure psoriasis?

Black Seed Kalonji oil has been proven to be beneficial as a complimentary therapy in managing and curing many chronic ailments. With the presence of powerful compounds like thymoquinone establish it’s prominence as an agent to treat allergies, immune related disorders, reduce inflammation etc.

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Psoriasis is one such ailment, in the treatment of which Black Seed / Kalonji oil has been observed to work wonders. Psoriasis is a chronic skin ailment which causes scaly, itchy, red patches and inflammation. It is believed to be an immune-mediate disease cause due to immune system disorders, where the skin regenerates faster than normal.

Psoriasis has no known cure and is known be mildly managed with the intake of steroids. It is something that occurs in cycles, where it flares for some time and then subsides. Intake of steroids is the best cure known so far since the disease causes a lot of irritation and can be intolerable.
We all are aware of the awful side-effects that steroids can have on our body and our overall health from gaining weight to hormonal imbalances the list is long. This is where alternative therapies like black seed Kalonji oil can prove to be extremely helpful since they have few known side-effects and many beneficial add-ons to our overall health.

From many recent studies it is evident that black seed Kalonji oil used as an adjuvant for psoriasis can prove to be a miracle.

Black seed oil offers significant care to the immune system. A strong immune modulator, ensuring the immune system in equilibrium such that it doesn’t exaggerate or under-perform. Black seed Kalonji oil also alleviate dangerous inflammation and boosts appropriate immune function, resulting in improved protection against infections and allergies. Hence black seed Kalonji can be advantageous in treating psoriasis which is caused due to an overactive immune system.

Also black seed kalonji has many active compounds that act as anti-inflammation agents which can help in palliating the inflammation caused due to psoriasis. Along with this the presence of antioxidants in addition to antifungal and antibacterial properties of black seed kalonji oil also help in early recovery.

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Essential fatty acids residing in the potent oil of black seed kalonji can help hydrate dry patchy scales while soothing the itchiness. Other multivitamins also contribute to controlling hasty regeneration of cells and augment collagen production.

While topical application of black seed kalonji oil on the affected area can assist in speedy recovery from psoriasis, oral intake along with honey and lemon juice can enhance overall health.

Though there are many studies being help in the area and many have concluded the benefits of the oil, consultation with your health care provider before using it for your condition is highly recommended so as to not cause any ill effects.