How to make Bagel & Topped with Black Seeds?

Black seeds (Kalonji) have been used for their aroma, taste, and flavor as a spice for cooking or in herbal medicine. Learn how to make Bagels topped with black seeds at home.

To make Bagels you will need the following ingredients:

  • Bread flour 1000g
  • Water 580g
  • Barley malt syrup 47g
  • Salt 22g
  • Yeast 6g
  • Diastatic malt powder 3g
  • Black seeds
Black Seeds Bag- 100g  Image
Black Seeds Bag- 100g 
These seeds can be used directly in cooking. It has a peppery taste and can be used to cure pickles, in teas or simply mix it with honey.


Mix all things together and knead until smooth. Give it rest of 30 min.
Now, shape and proof overnight in the fridge.
Boil the bagels and before baking at 450 topped with black seeds.

By David Nguyen-Levine